Crazy Without You Part 24

Crazy Without You

Author   : Ohmija

Cast  : Donghae SJ, Yoona SNSD, Sehun EXO

Support Cast    : The Rest members SUJU, SNSD, EXO

Genre : Romance, Family, Friendship, Comedy

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The Demians part 8

demian n

Tittle       : The Demians

Author    : Ohmija

Cast          : BTS and Seulgi Red Velvet, Irene Red Velvet, Kim Saeron and DIA Chaeyeon

Genre      : Action, Romance, Comedy, Friendship

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Author  :  Oh Mi Ja

Cast :  Leeteuk SJ as Park Jungsoo

Luhan EXO as Park Luhan

Kai EXO as Park Jongin

Sehun EXO as Park Sehun

Support Cast      : Kris EXO as jaksa

Suho EXO as Pastor

Taemin Shinee as Lee Taemin

JR JJ Project as Park Jin Young

Jonghyun CN Blue as Lee Jonghyun

Shindong SJ as Shin Donghee

Dongho Ukiss as Shin Dong Ho

Genre                   : Brothership, Family, Mystery, Comedy, Friendship

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