The Demians Trailer #3

The Demians Trailer #3 Seulgi Jimin Vers

Jimin was an ex-agent in Hansan crop. He grew up with the difficulties in his life. He raised Kim Saeron to be his sister because the last wish of his parents. He took Saeron move to china because he feel betrayed by the company. But saeron have the disease and should receive a donor liver. Jimin has no other choice but to return to Seoul to do a mission from Mrs. Kang. But in the end he had to choose between his sister or his love.

Seulgi is the eldest daughter of Kang Family. But she was ostracized by her stepmother and imprisoned in home for almost her entire life. Then she met Jimin who became a bodyguard and her friend first. And for the first time she went out to see the world and also met Jin who loved and wanted to help her.

The Demians

Cast :

BTS Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung and other members
Red Velvet Seulgi, Irene
Kim Saeron

language : Bahasa


sorry for typos and lack in editing


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