The story about Little Kid Hun, his daddy and his Favorite hyung…


Sehun is the magnae of The Grup. EXO K and EXO M


He start his image as Shy and Cute magnae, He was very quiet at the beginning of their debut.



He’s a magnae who is very spoiled and likes to clingy to the members.


He really close with Luhan even they share their birthday at the same month. Sehun was born on 12 Apr 1994 and Luhan on 20 Apr 1994.

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In ‘What is Love’ MV, the staff said HunHan really look like real brother.


They closed to each others since training period. Even they were a roomate


Fans make a nickname for Luhan and Sehun. They call them as HunHan couple, SeLu couple or Bubble tea couple.

BQWm-IqCIAEutcQ.jpg large

During training period, other trainee thought if Luhan and Sehun are real brothers.


Luhan always accompany Sehun to buy bubble tea everyday even though he likes coffee more than bubble tea.

When Luhan will come back to China, Sehun accompany him at the airport and Say, “bye bye” to him then Luhan give him air kiss.



Luhan and Sehun not just a friend but they are brothers.


“When I first met Se Hun, He goes a little bit like Lay, generally a quiet child. However he is very naughty after knowing him. He has no consideration for the image when he is lively and restless. He is kind of my kid brother. He always makes me have a desire to take good care of him.” – Luhan said


“I never know what friendship was, until I met Lu Han.” -SeHun said.



Luhan take care of Sehun well like his older brother. One day, Sehun gets mad and he doesn’t want to talk to anyone except Luhan,


Luhan likes to tap Sehun’s Chin. And Sehun likes to Clingy to Luhan.

Bv2DSS_CQAAwprx.jpg large



Sehun always stares at Luhan deeply.



They always send video message when separated.


Sehun said Luhan is an aegi (baby)



Luhan ever got jealous when he saw Sehun’s name at Namsan Tower.


When Sehun going to be mature, Sehun isn’t clingy to Luhan anymore. He looks more close with Kai and Tao who had same age as him and Luhan looks more close with Minseok.


Some people feel disappointed because Sehun and Luhan not close anymore. But, they just don’t know if HunHan never be changes.


Sehun isn’t a Kid anymore. Now, his turn to protect his hyung.


Luhan still be his favorite hyung.


Sehun is more playful now. He disturb his hyungs and to be an evil magnae.


Sehun likes to tease Luhan and said with banmal, “Goodnight, son.” He said, he do it because he loves Luhan.


Sehun call Luhan with Xiaolu or Lu ge


Sehun always use banmal when he talked with Luhan.






When his hyung hit him jokingly, Sehun always take a revenge. But, he never do it to Luhan.


Sehun ever cried at Radio Show when they talked about his hyungs. Kai said, Sehun really thinking about his hyungs. Sehun also hope that they, EXO to not fight and being together until the end.


Sehun is close with Kris too.




They said, Kris is Sehun’s daddy.


Sehun’s Chinese name is Wu Shi Xun while Kris’s real name is Wu Yi Fan.


Fans said, Luhan, Sehun and Kris are triplet.

BO0XZrzCQAAYW-v.jpg large

Sehun said, Kris always buy everything and give him everything what he likes.




When they hanging out together, they visited a bubble tea shop and Kris directly give a choco bubble tea to Sehun.


Sehun is the little Wu.




Whenever Suho nag at Sehun because he’s too playful, Kris always said if that’s normal because Sehun is in his period to do that.

Kris take care of Sehun while Suho take care of Tao.

BncuXUHCYAAxIkF.jpg medium

Sehun give an mini eurongie plushie to Kris at his last stage with EXO.



They are being lazy together. And take a cute selca together.


Kris is the tallest person and Sehun resting his head on Kris’s back.



Sometimes Kris feel dizzy because Sehun’s playful side


Playing in their own world together





In one CF, Sehun hugging Kris and eat his banana. At the end, they both being crazy together in their own world.


Kris ever protect Sehun in airport.




Sehun rapping while he stares at Kris.


In Hongkong, Sehun always clingy to Kris.



in the ending Showcase Shanghai, Sehun always follows Kris everywhere. They even bowing together. Sehun didn’t know if that stage will be the last stage with Kris but seem he got the feeling.


Sehun was shocked and didn’t know when Kris decide to out from EXO. He post ? in his instagram.


Some people thinks that Sehun is mean because he unfollowed Kris in his IG. The fact is he never follow Kris from beginning.


They said, Sehun was too frustated and he unfollowed all his following and just leave EXO members.




Sehun trying to became a strong kid and take care of Tao well. He accompany Tao everywhere when Tao losing Kris.

And when Luhan’s turn, Sehun seems know about it. He already give us hint but we didn;t realize it.



At TLP Beijing, Sehun is the one who stares at Luhan during moonlight. He dance and stares at Luhan at the same time. At the time, Luhan was crying too.


Sehun also there during Luhan’s solo. He sit on the side of stage and looking at Luhan.



Sehun always follow Luhan everywhere and they wear their couple bracelet. At the end, they both hold hands so tightly.

Bytbd13CAAA2L2z.jpg large

Sehun ever changes his Ig bio to ‘L’ that means ‘Luhan’ then he changes again to ‘EXO-L’


Sehun really loves Luhan so he unfollowed all EXO members because he doesn’t want to unfollow Luhan when he really out. Like Kris. He never unfollowed Kris because he loves him and he unfollowed all members because he loves Luhan.


Maybe, Sehun looks cold and careless. But, he is really love his hyungs so much. He always listen to his hyung’s words. And do whatever hyungs said. If hyungs want him to do aegyo, he will do it. And if hyungs ask him to do wink, he also do it.


Sehun have a promise with Luhan to going to China together.



In EXO Showtime ep 12, when they did thigh strengths, Luhan said if inside so hard to him. Then Sehun tell Luhan “Hyung, do what you want. Do what you should. It doesn’t matter win or lose. You do everything you want.”


After TLP in Beijing, when EXO have to back to Korea. At the airport, Sehun didn’t look well. He didn’t have enough sleep. He was a bit blank and blur. He didn’t hear  the staffs intruction. After that, the manager embraced Sehun and find a chair for him sit.


Sehun always said if he really loves EXO-L and being thankful to have them.


Sehun is losing his daddy and his favorite hyung.

Seems he hide his pain now.



He always hope EXO can being 12 forever. He always pray for it before sleep. At his birthday, there 11 hyungs around him. Celebrate his birthday, bring the cake and singing a birthday song. Now, he just has 9 left.


Sehun didn’t look sad and i hope he is fine now. He never show his pain and pretend to be fine. He posted a picture of 10 members on his ig and write ‘i love you’


All members love him so much and i hope they take care of him well. Let’s cheer this magnae.



Xiumin, you are the one 90er now. Please take care of your dongsaengs well.


Junmyeon, i know you are sad too but can you hugging Sehun now?


Yixing, thanks to always being our angel. You always comfort us. Please comfort Sehun too.


Chanyeo, thanks for bringing Sehun with you to vivapolo today.


Kyungsoo, please cooking for Sehun.


Baekhyun, don’t ever let go his hand when crossing the street.


Kai, bring back crazy Sehun to us please.


Tao, it’s your turn, Tao. Please take care of Sehun well and listen all his words.

Kris hyung, always buys me yummy food. You will always give me what I want.
You love me like a true younger brother from the bottom of you heart, I am very greatful to you
I will treat you better in future. WO AI NI” – Sehun

“Lu ge, You always accept all my jokes in a good way, a very innocent Hyung. I truthfully thankyou.
Do you remember what you said to me recently? Just believe in me! WO AI NI ” – Sehun


Distance is no matter. The important things is the memories. They come, they gone. But, they never be replaced. As sehun wish, EXO will always be 12. 10 just in our eyes. But the heart never be changed.

Kris.. Luhan.. Let’s meet again in the future. Let’s stand together on the stage for once again. Not being as EXO but as brothers. Remember if you both always have a place in EXO and EXO-L’s heart. We will not ask you guys to comeback, just ask you guys to not forget all memories…



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26 respons untuk ‘The story about Little Kid Hun, his daddy and his Favorite hyung…

  1. irnacho berkata:

    duh mija bikin nangis bombay nih. bikin aku inget lagi masa2 sulit mereka saat di tinggal kris sama luhan. mungkin kepergian kris lbh mengagetkan dan menyakitkan juga menyedihkan pastinya. di banding saat luhan yg pergi semua seolah udah siap dan menerima. walaupun rasa sedih dan sakit itu tetep ada.

  2. nina berkata:

    eon T^T
    my first otp is HunHan. sedih gg bisa lihat mereka brg lagi
    walaupun udah jarang ada HunHan moment, tp ttep aja bikin sedih 😥
    eonnie bikin kyk gini jadi bikin nangis huhuhuhu T^T
    suho, sehun, other members fighting ‘-‘)9
    we are one. we are exo. saranghaja!!

  3. rosepixylalala... berkata:

    Kenapa nyesek gini.. Kenapa sakit banget giniii…
    My cute deer.. Semoga kau bhagia.. T_T
    Exo dan sehunnie.. Semoga ini yg terbaik..

  4. ramon berkata:

    eonnii, koreksi dikit yak._. luge lahir 90 bukan kah?._. hehe~
    nangis eonni nangis~ Sedih tp kita harus kuat buat exo member yang 10 orang. kita bisa buat mereka lebih kuat dari yang sebelumnya.
    lets love

  5. Keke Thehunee Petals berkata:

    nangis bacanya. . . Authornya pinter banget buat readers nya nangis. . . TT
    Kaget banget waktu tau berita Luhan out.
    Akk suka EXO karna Sehun. . . Makien suka sama EXO karna suka banget sama couple HUNHAN…. Sekarang udah nggak ada lagie HUNHAN moment. . . Mereka itu cute, cool, innocent, kayak saudara kembar banget pokoknya. . .
    Luhan kenapa harus out sich. . .??????
    Jadie mikirien Sehun. . .
    Always love Sehun and EXO. . .

  6. lovehunhancouple berkata:

    Astaga bener2 nyesek bacanya. Ni baju sampe full ingus and air mata. Sekarang HUNHAN moment udah enggak ada lagi. EXO udah kehilangan 2 member. Apalagi ntar ???!!!! . Walaupun begitu EXO TETAP BERSAHAJA. EXO SARANGHAJA

  7. rin mitsuki berkata:

    sakit ! sehun yang sabar ya…. lu ge sama kris ge jangan lupain memori yang pernah kalian buat.. exo saranghaja!

  8. Hanna berkata:

    Huuaaaa thor,nyesek banget bacanyaa..pengen nangis tpi gak bisa krna lg d tempat umum.. 😦
    Sehun yg sabar yaa..Luhan ama Kris syg kmu bgt..
    Dulu suka Exo krna Luhan,tpi skrg Luhan out.. Aq bakal ttp dukung exo..
    Luge, I miss you so much.. Gak ada lgi airport fashion Luhan.. Foto Preview Luhan.. Bakal jarang bgt liat Luhan..Hunhan moment bakal gak ada.. Tapi slama dy sehat n bahagia gpp dh.. Rela gak rela.. 😥

  9. Alfiyah Atika berkata:

    Tanggung jawab nih,aku nangis ngejer
    Masih enggak habis pikir bagaimana cara EXO bisa jadi 10 member aja,secara aku baru jadi EXO-L
    Jujur,aku sedih&nyesel baru jadi EXO-L pas udah OT10. Tapi bagaimana pun juga,aku selalu ingin EXO menjadi OT12 TAHUN 2015!!

  10. Jung Han Ni berkata:

    banjir air mata 😥 gak kuat, ini sedih banget.. aku rindu mereka ot12 T_T semoga ga ada yg keluar lagi..
    exo saranghaja!!

  11. beaglelines berkata:

    kenapa aku ktemu sama postingan ini coba? 😥 sedih, nangis lagi kan T.T jd keinget sma hunhan krishun moment gara2 baca postingan ini 😥 sbg fans yg udh ngikutin exo dr ot12 smpe skrng hampir ot9 kalo gk sngaja liat foto ato moment mreka gk sengaja pasti bawaanyya pen flashback mulu hiks 😥 pkoknya Exo always one! WE ARE ONE!

  12. crriiskka berkata:

    sumpah..ini sedih banget, smpe nangis pdahal aq kan jg bkan penggmr berat exo..aku hrp mereka gak da yg kluar lgi..sedih liat
    boyband yg baru seumur jagung debutnya tpi udh ada yg keluar..sehun-ssi fighting..!!! EXO fighting..!!!

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