[STARCAST] ‘EXO Study’ Part 2.


‘EXO’ is a rookie boy band who has just turned one year old. EXO is a twin group. It consists of ‘EXO-K’ for the Korean market and ‘EXO-M’ for the Chinese market. They started promotion in Korea with ‘Wolf’ for the first time in June. No wonder that they are not well-known yet in Korea.

It is a different story in China, however. They are superstars. Last year, EXO was awarded with ‘Most Popular Group Award’ and ‘Best Dresser Award’ for the first time as a rookie at China’s largest music awards ‘Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang’. This year again, EXO was awarded with ‘Most Popular Group Award’ for the second year in a row, cementing their position as an undisputed star of these days.

‘EXO-M’ is at the center of the Korean Wave craze. Their performance is totally different from that of ‘EXO-K’. ‘EXO-M’ oozes masculine beauty while the concept of ‘EXO-K’ is a teenaged boy. They emphasize more powerful and fierce vibes. They are appealing to the public with toughness of a manly man.

‘EXO Study’ Part 2 is about ‘EXO-M’ seen from the view of ‘EXO’. The 12 members made a memory board for Kris, Lu Han, Xiumin, Chen, Tao, and Lay of ‘EXO-M’. Each member left comments for the other 11 members. 4W 11R(Who, Where, When, What, 11 Memory Board).


hen, What, 11 Memory Board).

1. Kris 

 Who: Kris. His Chinese name is Wu Yi Fan. He has an image of a male god. His nickname is ‘Kris-Nim (Korean honorific suffix)’.

 Where: He was born on November 6, 1990. He is a Chinese Canadian. He was born in Guangzhou,  Guangdong Province, China, and grew up in Canada.

 When: He passed the SM Global Audition held in Canada in 2007. He trained for four years.

 What: He is the team leader of ‘EXO-M’ and a rapper. He is known to be the most quiet person in EXO. He speaks Chinese, Cantonese, English, and Korean.

Su-ho speaks about Kris: He is my best friend. He is very reliable and faithful. He is a fashionista.

KaiKris: He is a Siberian Husky. He looks cool and lonely, but he actually has a weak side and he is a cute big brother to us.

Kris: He has a face that gives trust.

LayKris: He is a cool, cold, but passionate, and tall member.

Chan-yeolKris: He is manly and cool.

Baek-hyunKris: He is very much interested in fashion. He is reliable like a dad.

D.O.Kris: He looks gorgeous as he is tall.

TaoKris: He is my dear big brother.

ChenKris: He is a stylish man with a great fashion sense.
Lu Han
Kris: He is the king of fashion.

Se-hunKris: He always adores me.

 Keywords from the memory board: ‘Manly man’. Su-ho, Lay, Xiumin, and Chan-yeol spoke highly of his masculine beauty. You can find it from Su-ho’s comment ‘reliable’, Lay’s ‘cold’, Xiumin’s ‘reliable’, and Chan-yeol ‘manly’.


2. Lu Han  

 Who: Lu Han. It is his real name. It means a ‘deer of the dawn’. He is called ‘Lulu’ by Chinese fans.

 Where: He was born on April 20, 1990, in Beijing, China. He is attending the Department of Applied Music of Seoul Art College.

 When: He was spotted on a street by a manager from SM Entertainment on street in April, 2008. He went shopping to Myeong-dong with his friend. He joined ‘EXO-M’ after three years of training.

 What: He is a vocalist. His specialty is reaction. He does not stop clapping until the end of a variety show at a corner even if he is going to be edited out.


Su-hoLu Han: He is both gentle and tough. He trusts me. He is a good person who understands my mind.

KaiLu Han: He has bright pupils of a deer and a cute personality.

KrisLu Han: He has a gorgeous smile.

XiuminLu Han: We are the best duo.

LayLu Han: He is a good friend who takes care of me for anything.

Chan-yeolLu Han: He looks like a baby, but he is actually a real man.

Baek-hyunLu Han: He is innocent like baby and nice. He is good at singing and dancing. He is even handsome.

D.O.Lu Han: He is a handsome boy.

TaoLu Han: He is my dear big brother. He is funny.

ChenLu Han: He looks much younger than his age, but he is manly and mature.

Se-hunLu Han: Sometimes he is so innocent that I feel like he is younger than me.

 Keywords: He was in charge of the ‘beauty’ of EXO. D.O., Chen, Kai, and Baek-hyun recognized his beauty. He has a transparent skin and bright and round pupils. The nickname ‘Lulu’ meaning a deer of the dawn is just suitable for his face.

He was a meek person as his face shows. He was called a ‘gentle boy’ and a ‘milk boy’. They agreed that Lu Han is “innocent,” “nice,” “cute,” “a good person” and “he takes care of others.” Su-ho and Chan-yeol said, “He has a baby face but he is a real man.”


3. Xiumin 
 Who: Xiumin. His real name is Kim Min-suk. His nickname is ‘Muggle Killer’. The nickname is originated from the movie ‘Harry Potter’, meaning he is seductive enough to turn even ‘Muggles’ into his fan.
 Where: He was born on March 27, 1990, in Guri, Gyeonggi Province. He graduated from Inchang High School of Guri. He chose debuting as a singer instead of going to college.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2008 by winning the second place at SM ‘Everything Contest’. He trained for four years. He is Korean, but he was selected as a member of ‘EXO-M’. 

 What: He is a well-rounded member. He is a singer and rapper. As a big brother of ‘EXO’, he gets up early every morning. He is the only early bird in ‘EXO’. 
Xiumin: He is clean, gentle, and manly. He is a nice member who always does his best.

Xiumin: He is like a meerkat. He has a cute face, but he protects us.
Xiumin: He is a cool member whose self-management is impressive.
Xiumin: He takes good care of us.
Xiumin: He is clean and diligent.
Xiumin: He has a cute and sensitive personality unlike a big brother. He is understanding and he always tries hard.
Xiumin: He is good at self-management.
Xiumin: He is an older brother who will always take care of me.
Xiumin: He is clean and honest. He is our big brother whom we rely on.
Lu Han
Xiumin: He is clean and neat.
Xiumin: He is probably the most mature person here as the big brother.   

 Keyword: He was the ‘big brother’. He is one of the most mature members. The other members followed him as he is reliable. Baek-hyun said, “He is understanding,” showing his infinite trust in him.

A new fact is that Xiumin is in charge of ‘cleaning’. The words ‘Neat’, ‘clean’, and ‘diligent’ were frequently used. Xiumin actually enjoys cleaning. He also enjoys dish washing. He takes the initiative to clean rooms instead of the other younger members. 


4. Chen
 Who: Chen. His Korean name is Kim Jong-dae. He is the head of the Beagle Line (Chan-yeol, Baek-hyun) of ‘EXO’.  
 Where: He was born on September 21, 1992, in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province. He graduated from Jungwang High School in Siheung.  

 When: He passed the 2011 SM audition. He trained only for three months. He debuted at a breakneck speed.

 What: He is a lead vocalist. His specialty is singing high notes. He has the best social skills in EXO. He has a Budda-like mindset. He is said to send a flower-like smile even to stalker fans.

Chen: He is a byword of being nice. He follows me well, but he sometimes becomes sulky. He is a perky.  
Chen: He is a six-month-old Beagle. He is growing up now to catch up with Chan-yeol.

Chen: He is our main vocalist! His high-note singing is cool.
Chen: He is my reliable bro.
Chen: He is our vocalist who hits the highest note with his natural voice.

Chen: He is really nice and funky. He is my soul mate no. 3.

Baek-hyunChen: He is just hilarious. He is very nice. He is the same age and my good friend.

D.O.Chen: He is a main vocalist.

TaoChen: He is a great singer.

Lu HanChen: He is an excellent singer.

Se-hunChen: He is funky. I like him. I love him.

 Keyword: ‘Cutie’. Just looking at him makes one make a generous smile. He has a perky and characterful personality. He is in charge of being hilarious. He has great social skills that allow him to get along with all members.

He is very talented enough to debut only in three months. Lu Han, Tao, D.O., and Kris praised his singing ability. They said, “He is an excellent singer” without any other epithet. Particularly they said that his high-note singing with his strong vocal chords is attractive.


5. Tao
 Who: Tao. His Chinese name is Huang Zi Tao’. He is the master of martial arts in ‘EXO’. He learned wushu at the age of six and received professional trainings for about 11 years. He used to be a high jump athlete. He won a prize in a local competition held in Qingdao.

 Where: He was born on May 2, 1993, in Qingdao, China. Nothing except for it has been revealed.  

 When: He was spotted at a competition in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, in 2011. He trained for a year.  

 What: He is a rapper. He calls himself a romantic panda. He is easily moved to tears. He confessed that he cries once a day since he misses his grandmother so much. The youngest member is good at acting cute.


Su-hoTao: He asked me to write that he is special. He is really special and full of sentiment. He is the AB style and our son.

KaiTao: He is a chick. He looks like a cute baby bird to me.
Tao: He is a cool and my beloved little brother.  

XiuminTao: He is my homework.

LayTao: He is a little distracting, but cute.

Chan-yeolTao: He is unpredictable.

Baek-hyunTao: He is really unique. When I see Tao, he is just about to show a supernatural power.  .

D.O.Tao: The AB style.

ChenTao: He is a cute living on another planet.

Lu HanTao: The unique AB style.

Se-hunTao: He is cute and the expression ‘living on another planet’ is not enough.

 Keword: ‘Living on another planet’ and ‘AB style’. He was an unpredictable type. EXO members were paying undivided attention to Tao either by force or by choice. He was homework of Xiumin, the most mature member in EXO.

There was a twist as well. The splendid martial arts skills were useless in front of the other members. He was just a cute youngest member to them. Lay expressed his infinite affection by saying that he is “cute” even if he is living on another planet.   


6. Lay
 Who: Lay. His real name is Zhang Yi Xing.

 Where: He was born on October 7, 1991, in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. His past has not been revealed.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2008. He was selected at the Wuhan audition in China. Before his debut, he appeared on China’s Star Academy.

 What: He is a sub vocalist. He has great interest in music. He respect Beethoven and Mozart. He is a healing character in EXO. He is one of the nicest members.  


Su-hoLay: He is a music genius. He never allows defeat in his expertise. He is a professional who makes continuous efforts. He is an icon of healing.
Lay: He is a unicorn. Lay is a healing character.

Lay: He has enormous passion.
Lay: He is whimsical and innocent.
Lay: He is the most innocent member in EXO. He has a great concentration on everything. He is good at and passionate about dancing, composition, singing, and playing instruments. Sometimes we are amazed by his innocence. We adore him.
Lay: He is whimsical.
Lay: He is a great dancer and composer.
Lay: He is tough, sweet, cute, and witty.
Lu Han
Lay: He is an excellent dancer and manly.
Lay: He is a good guy. He is nice and cute.
 Keyword: ‘Healing’. He was an icon of healing for EXO. It was not because of great speaking skills or rich experience. The source of healing power of Lay is his nice personality in nature. They said that they can be at peace when they see Lay.
He had a great passion for music. He has keen interest in composition, instrument-playing, singing, and dancing. He was keen on self-improvement by working on composition or play instruments in his spare time.

Written by Kim Su-ji (Dispatch)
Photograph=SM Entertainment


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