[STARCAST] ‘EXO Study’ Part 1


‘EXO’ is currently one of the hottest boy bands in the nation. It has been about a year and a half since they debuted. They fell still more familiar with the word ‘rookie’. Recently, however, they have quickly emerged as idol stars representing the next generation by hitting two homeruns in a row with ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’. They always gather countless fans wherever they go, proving that they are the undisputed star of these days.

Their birth is already special. ‘EXO’ is a twin group. It consists of ‘EXO-K’ for the Korean market and ‘EXO-M’ for the Chinese market. They sing same title tracks in Korean and Chinese. All 12 members sometimes gather to promote themselves as ‘EXO’ to show their new charm.  

It is true that you are familiar ‘EXO’, but not with the members. Size is probably an obstacle. It is not easy to see who each member is if you are not a fan. That is why STARCAST prepared ‘EXO Study’. Based on the theme ‘EXO’ as we know vs ‘EXO’ as ‘EXO’ speaks about, this report is split into basics and advanced study.

For your information, STARCAST referred to the memory board of EXO members for the advanced study. Each member left comments for the other 11 members. 4W 11R (Who, Where, When, What, 11 Memory Board). Let us meet ‘EXO-K’ first.


1. Su-ho

 Who: Su-ho. His real name is Kim Joon-myun. His nickname was ‘Joon-men’, the combined word of Joon-myun and amen’. He got this nickname since he was in charge of a sacred character earlier.

 Where: He was born on May 22, 1991. He is 22 years old. He is from Gangnam School District 8. He took on many leadership roles in school including class representative and school representative. He is in class of ’09 of department of acting at Korean National University of Arts. He was called ‘Umchina’.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2005. He was one of the most diligent trainees in SM despite long and hard training years.  

 What: He is a lead vocalist and the team leader of ‘EXO-K’. He has a stable vocal ability. His leadership is impressive. He is known to like to treat his members with food.

Kai speaks about Su-ho: He is like a Golden Retriever. He is cute and kind. He is an exemplary and reliable person who always takes care of us.

KrisSu-ho: I want to ask him to buy me some food.

XiuminSu-ho: He is always our leader.

LaySu-ho: He is the leader of the leaders.

Chan-yeolSu-ho: He may look perfect, but he is ‘Heodang’ (Korean word for someone who is slow in understanding something or a situation), which makes him more attractive.

Baek-hyunSu-ho: He is a kind and exemplary leader. He is like a textbook containing many things to learn.  

D.O.Su-ho: He is our dear leader.

TaoSu-ho: He is a mom that I love.

ChenSu-ho: He may look perfect but he is actually 2% short of being perfect. That is why he is a cute perfectionist.

Lu HanSu-ho: He treats me nice.

Se-hunSu-ho: I talk to him when I have a trouble in my mind. A solution is not guaranteed, but I talk to him anyway.

 Keywords from the memory board: ‘Leader’, ‘Umchina’, and ‘Heodang’. The other members mentioned his leadership role. 6 of them (Kai, Xiumin, Lay, Baek-hyun, D.O., Tao) said that Su-ho is the ‘best leader’. The memory board, most of all, newly revealed that Su-ho is ‘Heodang’. Chan-yeol and Chen mentioned it. The youngest member Se-hun elaborates on the reason. He said, “I talk to him when I have a trouble in my mind, but a solution is not guaranteed.” It is an unexpected charm hidden in Su-ho’s seriousness.


2. Baek-hyun 

 Who: Baek-hyun. His real name is Byun Baek-hyun. He is in charge of being ‘witty’ with his strong social skills. Where: He was born on May 6, 1992. He is 21 years old. He is from Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province. He lived an average life.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2011. He was cast by the agency when he was about to have a university entrance interview. He joined ‘EXO-K’ as the last member. He set the record of deubting within the shortest period of time in SM’s history.

 What: He is the main vocalist of ‘EXO-K’. He is a great singer. He is a prepared musician who is also good at piano playing.


Su-hoBaek-hyun: He is full of wits like a vitamin. He is cute, humorous, and mischievous.
Baek-hyun: He is like a Yorkshire Terrier. He has a cute face and personality, but he has a man of pride.

KrisBaek-hyun: He is a funny guy who makes us laugh.

XiuminBaek-hyun: He is a cute and playful person.

Baek-hyun: He is the life of the party. He listens to me well whenever I have a problem with something.

Chan-yeolBaek-hyun: He is witty and has many talents. He is my soul mate no.1.

D.O.Baek-hyun: He is a good friend.
Baek-hyun: He is like my family.

ChenBaek-hyun: He is such a mischievous person, but he is very thoughtful and reliable.

Lu HanBaek-hyun: He has a great personality and hilarious.

Baek-hyun: He is kind and takes care of us a lot.

 Keyword: ‘Witty’, ‘the life of the party’, and ‘thoughtful’. 4 of them (Su-ho, Kris, Xiumin, and Lu Han) recognized his wit and humor. They say that he has a great sense of humor and is mischievous. He was mentioned as ‘the life of the party’. Lay pinpointed him as the life of the party of ‘EXO’. Behind his funky aspect was there seriousness, of course. They say he is very ‘thoughtful’. D.O., Chen, and Se-hun said that he take good care of other members. Lay’s comment that he is a good person who listens to him well implied his thoughtfulness.



3. Chan-yeol 

 Who: Chan-yeol. His real name is Park Chan-yeol. It means full fruit. His nickname is ‘teeth rich’ (He reveals many teeth when he smiles). Fans call him ‘healthy teeth of the nation’.

 Where: He was born on November 27, 1992. He is 20 years old (Not celebrated his birthday yet). He is from Seoul. He graduated from Hyundai Senior High School in the Gangnam area.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2008. He gathered a crowd fans even before the debut. He is 185cm tall and has a good-looking face.

 What: He is a rapper. His baritone and bass voice is suitable for rapping. He has excellent instrument-playing skills. He is good at drum and drum. He is a prepared musician who always studies music.


Su-hoChan-yeol: He looks really cool when he is keen on music! He is a mature person whom I want to treat better these days.

KaiChan-yeol: He is a Beagle. He is cute, bright, and lively. He is such an energizer.

KrisChan-yeol: He always smiles. I like him as he is tall.

XiuminChan-yeol: He is a happy virus. 

Chan-yeol: The always-lively guy shows good reactions  

Baek-hyunChan-yeol: He is very mischievous like I am. We are good friends as we have a similar personality.  

D.O.Chan-yeol: He is the life of the party. He is too talkative and noisy.

Chan-yeol: He is a funny guy.

ChenChan-yeol: His reaction is the best! He is such a mischievous man.

Lu HanChan-yeol: He is fun and the king of cooking.

Se-hunChan-yeol: He is hilarious. He makes us laugh even by making himself look silly.  

 Keyword: ‘Musician’, ‘reaction’, and ‘cooking’. The leader Su-ho recognized him as a musician since he is good at instruments and studies composition hard. There were more comments on his personality, though. Kai, Kris, Xiumin. Lay, D.O., Chen, and Se-hun did not forget to mention his innate humor and reaction of Chan-yeol. However, according to D.O., he is too talkative and noisy. Another new fact is his cooking skills. Lu Han said that he is the ‘king of cooking’. In fact, the cook of ‘EXO-K’ is known to be D.O. He is a good cook who can serve spaghetti right away. It is considered that Lu Han’s comment reflected his own taste.



4. D.O. 

 Who: D.O. His real name is Do Kyung-soo. He is an eater. He is known to have many ‘eating shots’.

 Where: He was born on January 12, 1993. He is 19 years old. He is from Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. He graduated from Baekseok High School.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2010. He was cast when he was a high school second grader. He debuted within a relatively short period of time.

 What: He is a main vocalist. His specialty is beat-boxing besides singing. He is very impressive when he sings high-notes with a serious face staring at a camera.


Su-hoD.O.: He is very reliable and know my mind well. He makes me want to pinch his cheek sometimes.
D.O.: He is a Maltese. A Maltese is a Maltese even when he is serious, quiet, or act cute.
D.O.: He is such a great guy. I love him.
D.O.: He is just like me. We have a similar personality.

LayD.O.: He is so cute.

Chan-yeolD.O.: He is calm and quiet. He is my soul mate no. 2.

Baek-hyunD.O.: He is considerate, neat, and have charisma given off from his small body. D.O. is kind and the same age with me. We are good friends.

D.O.: He is nice.

ChenD.O.: He is sweet and considerate. He is a vocalist of good sense.
Lu Han
D.O.: He is an excellent singer.

Se-hunD.O.: He is such a good guy, but more often than not.

 Keyword: ‘Considerate’, ‘singing’ and ‘charisma’. Su-ho, Kris, Tao, Chen, and Se-hun talked about his personality. They say that he is considerate and understanding. It means that he is sweet. As a main vocalist, he received comments on ‘singing’. Lu Han’s short comment that he is an excellent singer explains it all. Baek-hyun said that he has a small body, but he is full of charisma. Kai, however, mentioned his cuteness by saying that a Maltese is a Maltese even when he is serious, quiet, or act cute.


5. Kai 

▶ Who: Kai. His real name is Kim Jong-in. Kai means ‘to open’, which implies his role as a member to open the secret of EXO.

 Where: He was born on January 14, 1994. He is from Seoul. He graduated from School of Performing Arts, Seoul.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2007. He is a friend of ‘SHINee’s Tae-min since childhood. He debuted late, but he is a man of men who did not give up with great passion. He was a long-time trainee like Su-ho.

 What: He is a dance machine. He learned jazz dance and ballet in childhood. He is excellent at using his body. His moves give off a different feel from others even when they perform same dance moves.


Su-hoKai: He is like a real little brother since we were together for a long time. He is a world-class dancer whom I want to and have to take care of.

Kai: He is an excellent dancer.

XiuminKai: He is a sexy cutie.

LayKai: He is my dance teacher.

Chan-yeolKai: He is really cool. His dark skin is attractive.

Baek-hyunKai: He has a sexy body and his face has a dignified feel, but he is innocent, nice, and cute.

D.O.Kai: He is an excellent dancer.

TaoKai: He has a dark skin. He is a good friend.

ChenKai: He is younger than me, but he is reliable. I learn a lot from him.

Lu HanKai: He is an excellent dancer.

Se-hunKai: He talks about serious topics with us.

 Keyword : ‘Dance’, ‘sexy’ and ‘innocent’. He received many comments on dancing as the dance r of ‘EXO-K’. Su-ho, Kris, Lay, D.O., and Lu Han said that he is an excellent dancer. Particularly, Su-ho called him a world-class dancer, and Lay, his dance teacher, recognizing his great dancing ability. The word ‘sexy’ was mentioned frequently. Xiumin and Baek-hyun used the word sexy. Baek-hyun revealed that his sexiness comes from his body. By contrast, he has an innocent charm like a child. Se-hun’s comment that he talks about serious topics and Baek-hyun’s comment that he is cute and nice demonstrate that he is quiet off stage different from on stage when he fiercely dances.  


6. Se-hun 

▶ Who: Se-hun. His real name is Oh Se-hun.

 Where: He was born on April 12, 1994. He is from Seoul. He graduated from School of Performing Arts, Seoul.

He is the same age with Kai, but still the youngest member when his birthday is considered.

 When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2008. He does not have an image of the youngest member since he is 181cm tall and he was trained for a long time.

 What: His specialty is dancing and acting. He is the youngest member, but he ranks bottom when it comes to cuteness. With a fierce face, he does not look like the youngest among EXO.


Su-hoSe-hun: He is always like a baby to me. He is a sweet and considerate member whom I want to give a hug.

KaiSe-hun: He is like a cat. He looks cold, but he is a cute and adorable little brother.

Se-hun: He is the adorable youngest member.

XiuminSe-hun: His the lovely youngest member.

LaySe-hun: He is young, but his way of thinking is mature.

Chan-yeolSe-hun: Sometimes I am confused with how is older but he is my cute little brother.

Baek-hyunSe-hun: The youngest member with baby-like skin and scent whom I want to embrace.  

D.O.Se-hun : He is the cute youngest member.

TaoSe-hun: He is my best friend forever.

ChenSe-hun: Sometimes he makes me confused if I am the younger one. He is a cute big-brother-like little brother.

Lu HanSe-hun: He is cute and funny.

 Keyword: ‘Youngest’, ‘serious’ and ‘cute’. As he is youngest among them, the words ‘youngest member’ came out frequently. Su-ho, Kai, Kris, Xiumin, Baek-hyun, and D.O. called him the cute youngest member. Particularly, Su-ho specifically said that he is like a baby and Baek-hyun said that he wants to embrace Se-hun with baby-like scents. They mentioned his serious personality. Su-ho said that he is considerate while Lay said that his way of thinking is mature, which revealed a serious aspect of the youngest member. His unexpected charm, however, was his ‘cuteness’. He shows a serious and cold image on TV but he was just the youngest one in ‘EXO’. Chen and Kai called him the cute little brother.

Written by Na Ji-yeon (Dispatch)
Photograph=SM Entertainment


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